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Proof Reading
and Editing

So you've finished writing your masterpiece and you're wondering...Is this good?!

Before you start stressing and overthinking,

let us take a read through and help you improve it!

How it works


Use our contact form or email us directly to tell us what you're looking for.


We'll send you a google form with questions to answer so we understand exactly what you want.


A member of our team reach out to discuss the timeline and scope of your project. 

Share your writing with us by email. Once you send us your project, we will get write to work.

 (pun intended!) 


We work with what you've got. We'll read through and edit your project, focusing on: fluency, clarity, grammar, spelling, and context.


Don't worry, we'll take your writer's voice and tone into consideration, to ensure it still sounds like you! 


When we're finished, we'll email you a new copy of your project, and the original for comparison. If you want to change anything, we offer one complimentary revision. When you're happy, we're happy!


Regardless of the amount of editing/revisions we do, you still keep all the rights to

your content!

1. Tell us
what you need

2. Send us
your project

 500 Words

Complete Proofreading and Editing Package


1000 Words

Complete Proofreading and Editing Package


1500 words

Complete Proofreading and Editing Package



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